Ganesha's Tears in Glass Vile - 10GM


Ganesha's Tears in Glass Vile - 10GM 00013

Origin: Fujian Province, China.

3HP: Handpicked, Hand Processed (rolled) & Handpacked.

Characteristics: Jasmine pearls are considered to be amongst the best fragrant teas in the world, with individual "ball" being hand rolled into the velvety shape. The highly skilled worker chooses two or three downy tippy buds, lightly wets them, and rolls the leaves between the fingers and later a cloth to form the extremely round shape. Jasmine flowers are later picked in August and exposed to the tea pearls repetitively, to infuse the natural flavour.

Tasting Notes: Strong aromas of Jasmine dominate, with hints of Strawberry and Feijoa, stewed fruit and green tea sap. Pearls slowly unfurl to reveal the delicate leaves.

Steeping Directions: Infuse 2-3 pearls in a Gaiwan for 2-3 minutes at 70C.

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