About Us


We’re about doing things right, and that’s why we choose to only stock the worlds best tea. We believe that every person deserves to experience the taste of real tea, whether that be in their home or at their favourite cafe. We want to put a stop to the service of low quality tea in establishments, and we beleive Grounded Premium Tea will give everybody that “wow” moment.

We’re not about fancy tea cups laden in bountiful colours, we’re not about pretty little names for each of our teas. What we are about however, is doing things the way they should be done. This involves using the best natural loose leaf teas, with only the instruments that make these teas shine.

Our premium loose leaf teas are sourced from small farms, villages and cooperatives where manual labour is the only way to harvest a crop. We believe in supporting the growers of such a precious resource and encourage you to look for the following labels in our premium tea range.

3HP: handpicked, hand processed and hand packed premium loose leaf tea.

ORGANIC: 100% organic premium loose leaf tea.

We would also like to invite you to our Cafe.