Huang Shan Maofeng - 100GM


Huang Shan Maofeng - 100GM 00010

Origin: South Huang Shan Mountains, China.

3HP: Handpicked,Hand Processed & Handpacked.

Characteristics: Considered the very finest green tea, the Huang Shan Mao Feng is rich in buds, with plantations only situated between the altitudes of 885 and 2625 feet, with absolutely ideal climatic conditions. Often, the peaks of the plantations disappear into the clouds. Only the mature bud and first leaf are meticulously plucked, then rolled by hand into the leaves final appearance.

Tasting Notes: With slight astringency, the greenish-yellow infusion has a well balanced aromatic profile, with a dense aroma of herbs, punctuated with notes of nut, exotic fruit, spices and marine.

Steeping Directions: Infuse in a Gaiwan for four minutes at 75C.

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